Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Finishing the jewellery...

Further to that rather long post about the ring - let me share with you the remainder of my jewellery looks.

These earrings were an absolute steal on ebay - vintage 1940s but no discoloration, they measure about an inch diameter. And they went for their opening price of £2.99! The only downside is that they're clip-ons, and while they seem really comfortable, I worry about losing one: getting it caught in someone's hair during all those cheek-kisses, or in my veil or something. So I've bought some stud backs, and just need to fix them on.

That set the mood for the tiara: structured rather than wired, crystals and diamante rather than pearls. I found this on ebay too - it seems silly to pay more when most bridal retailers are probably sourcing from the same Eastern European stockists that my ebay seller was. It was one of the most expensive tiaras on ebay, at £35 - but I'd have paid well over £100 for something similar in the shops. It came in a sturdy round box, too - already I can think of it as a keepsake.

I remember as a girl my mum showing me her tiara and other bits from her wedding (a musical horseshoe? something musical...) which she kept carefully in a box ever since her own wedding. It's an incredibly lovely thought that I might one day do the same thing with the items I'm choosing now.

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