Friday, 10 April 2009

Welcome to my wedding trip.

So, a month ago my fabulous boyfriend proposed to me - and we set the wedding date for 15th August this year.

Since then I haven't been able to think about anything else - but I do miss my blog...

Anyway, this is an outlet for my over-excitement, that will hopefully get me back in the blogging saddle. And even today, I've tracked down some potential shoes.

Now, a little backstory: I'm planning on having two pairs of shoes (indoor shoes with heels, and outdoor wedges for walking on grass). Also, my dress will be short enough to show my shoes. Lastly, I shall be 'working' shades of pink from bubblegum to cherry in my flowers etc.

Anyway - ta dah! £14.99 on ebay, branded Morgan.

So - yes - diamantes. Big, Hollywoodesque diamantes. I'm not going for demure at this wedding. If they fit (espadrilles can be a little narrow) I shall replace the ankle ties with some fabulous silk ribbons for luxury. And that gives me an utterly unfettered budget for the second pair.

Wedding shoes, though - shoes designed explicitly for weddings - are so incredibly ugly!

They nearly all look like this, elongated tapered toes, and very little style or gorgeousness. I understand that most people have dresses so long that no one sees their shoes, but surely they aren't particularly comfy either - and wedding shoes must be that.

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