Saturday, 11 April 2009

Little steps

Today my nail varnish came and I love it.

Wedding magazines are full of advice along the lines of "Keep your makeup subtle, so that your groom sees you the way he is accustomed". Hmmm. My groom is accustomed to see me with full-on, drama-glamour makeup, so that is what I shall have.

But a bride with full on nails is probably beyond the pale, even for me. I want to look sexy, not femme fatale... but equally, I have a strong aversion to French manicures, and can't really see the point of pastel nail polish.

Until I saw in one of my many wedding magazines, a pale pink with glitter in it. Perfect! Except I have dozens of these magazines, and I've never found the article since. In the end I settled on 'Princesses Rule' by OPI. It's a subtle, pretty-pale pink with a micro fine glitter suspended in it. It looks gorgeous. I'm very pleased.

OPI are a very good quality nail varnish brand - and prices tend to be around the £10 mark. I got mine from ebay for about £6, which seems fair enough. It's always a good idea to look on ebay for branded cosmetics, but keep an eye on the postage.


  1. Lovely colour, but OPI!

    They're one of the most useless nail varnishes I have ever used, and don't last a day. Mind you, you only need it for one day ;o)

    Mind you, I still find myself perusing their nail varnish stand in Bentalls!

  2. How strange - I'm very hard on my nail varnish, and I've always found OPI really strong. It's funny isn't it? The worst nail polish I ever used was by Chanel - watery, no coverage, no gloss... and yet people are always singing their praises.


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