Sunday, 12 April 2009


So, despite having been off work for over a week now (it's great being a teacher, sometimes) I still haven't followed up on any leads re: finding myself a dressmaker to make The Dress. The very thought of calling one of the numbers I've been given fills me with dread.

What if they're all snotty because of my size?

Will they try and charge double because I happen to be wearing this dress to a wedding?

Will they want to come to see me in my shit-tip of a flat?

Will they tell me I've left it too late?

It's like the anxiety you get when you take your car to a mechanic - but worse, because I'd like to think I do know a bit about the process...

It's got so bad that I nearly ordered this dress today (£89 - Vivien of Holloway). The largest size would just about fit on the waist (36 inches), and would do so comfortably by the wedding, but the chances of my bust shrinking to 44 inches are slim-to-none, if you'll pardon the pun. But anyway: it's shiny satin, which is undesirable, and although I want a shorter-than-traditional dress, this is just too short.

I got the idea, though, because after what seemed like lifetimes of to-ing and fro-ing of facebook messages my sisters finally agreed on a frock. First suggestion was this lovely clover pink frock from Oli (£70). Actually, I originally thought I could choose a fabric and then my four bridesmaids could choose a knee length style they liked and have it made. But circumstances have meant that two of the bridesmaids can't make it, and so for two it makes sense to keep it simple and buy something off the peg. If only they could agree... The dress above, which I loved, was vetoed on the grounds of length - my middle sister doesn't like her curvy calves. Although, when pressed she struggled to say what she did envisage...

A couple more suggestions were made by senior sister, and finally one by middle sister, but none had the 'wow' factor. Until I had a brainwave.

Obviously, It's Vivien of Holloway again - this time in a low-sheen cotton, and therefore just £59. Sans black accessories, but with a full white petticoat (£45). Eldest sister loved it, and ordered it immediately. It arrived promptly and fitted like a glove, so she chivvied the middle sister along and got hers ordered too. Apparently it's fab. Now it's brighter pink than I was planning, and tea-length, so I now have to be pretty precise if I want the shade of pink I'm using as an accent, and the length of my dress to be different. Which is another reason not to go for the ivory satin number above. I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and phone these scary frockmakers. But not until after the bank holiday...

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